Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rental Advertising

We found that putting the ad in the newspaper is really important in a metro area and pays you back big time in getting tenants in there quicker. In the college town near by (Provo, UT) we got most of our applications from people who saw the sign out front and on the web. There was no need to put it inn the newspaper. I think that is an interesting comment on where younger people go for information.

It is interesting for me to learn about how to communicate with people. Marketing takes on a new perspective when it leaves the classroom.

Open Management Consortium

An article by Tim O'Reilly on O'Reilly Radar back in July and recently gotten some new traffic, including me. Althought there are a lot of components for a systems management infrastructure, it is true that nice drop-in apps are still coming along. One great resource I have found is the Open Management Consortium. The members all have open source offerings and they are some really awsome apps (if operations is your thing).

Now if I just had a need for all these cool toys.


We got tenants for downstairs. We had three applications. It was great. The first one was a Korean family with a dad and two teenage daughters that didn't have enought income. We think they even overstated what they put on their application because the employers told us their hours and wages. The next in line was a BYU student couple. They want to refinish the cabinets because their brother is a cabinet maker and they don't like the current look of them. We are going to work something out later, but for now we have a contract and a deposit. If they had fallen through we still had another young couple, I'm not sure if they were students, and seemed to meet the requirements. It was really nice to not have to make any exceptions on our requirements this time.