Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rental Advertising

We found that putting the ad in the newspaper is really important in a metro area and pays you back big time in getting tenants in there quicker. In the college town near by (Provo, UT) we got most of our applications from people who saw the sign out front and on the web. There was no need to put it inn the newspaper. I think that is an interesting comment on where younger people go for information.

It is interesting for me to learn about how to communicate with people. Marketing takes on a new perspective when it leaves the classroom.


Mom Curzon said...

Do you think it matters that Provo is very much a college town?

Unknown said...

Partly yes and partly no. All the college students found the listing through the school rental listing site. A large number of low income families find it because of the sign or local Community Action posting. Because of where we are in the city those are the two groups most interested and neither seem to search the newspapers much.