Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unprofessional professionals

Well I just learned the hard way how difficult it is to find good help. We needed to tile the bathroom of one of our apartment units because it had was no solid flooring to keep water from running through. We thought we had found someone who would do a good job, but he had a backlog of work. When he called us and was ready, we didn't have time to doubt check all the fine points of what we expected and in general failed to do our due diligence regarding the bid. Now the job is done and we have to get him to fix all the things we think he should have done the first time. He did do a poor job by any standards, but I should have made those standards very explicit from the beginning. I have been reading about outsourcing your less productive tasks, but after this I don't know how I can trust someone to do a good job. Right now I'm thinking I'll have to tile the kitchen myself. It certainly wouldn't be any worse than the job done by a "professional."

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