Thursday, September 06, 2007

Replacing carpet

When the tenants moved out of one of our rental units recently, they left a big mess. The carpet was covered in stains that couldn't be removed and was full of cat urine. So we decided to replace the main areas with laminate and use remnants in the bedrooms. This is a basement unit and when we pulled up the carpet we found that the cement wasn't at all level. Neither of us had noticed when we bought the place.

The new tenants want to move in ASAP and we already have the laminate installation scheduled, so now we are scrambling get the issue resolved. This has all been a really big frustration for us, but we have learned a lot too.

Our biggest lesson is that playing the discount market is no fun. Charge higher rates, get better tenants, and provide better rental units. We have applied this in raising our deposit on the unit to $950. It has made a tremendous difference in the quality of applicants. In a situation where you can't discriminate, this has done a wonderful job of simply resolving the issue.

Another important lesson we have learned is to just hire the more expensive professionals and to stop letting the cheap guys waste our time. Get it done right the first time. It saves you so much money in the long run. The higher end market is so much nicer a place to be if you have the standards to match.

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