Monday, December 03, 2007

ExtJS customizations

I have been working with the Ext javascript framework lately at on a client project and realized that I need to post this stuff because I have made quite a few nice components for it. It is at Right now it's not much more than a simple extraction from my project and there are no examples yet as I obviously can't post the client project. Some of the things I have built are:

  • CrudGridPanel: A grid panel that I reuse for each Rails model for all the CRUD interaction. Works together with the CrudEditor. One nice feature is that the grid saves it selection everytime it changes and reselects the rows based on id when the data store reloads.
  • CrudTreePanel: Same as the CrudGridPanel except that is displays it's data as a tree. It uses the DataStoreBacking plugin to load the nodes for the tree from an ext data store.
  • CrudEditor: Encapsulates the edit form and the server CRUD actions. Everything uses REST.
  • Some extensions to allow plugins for data stores, data stores that mirror each other's data (used to keep different sets of persistent filters), and better LoadMask handling.
  • LoadAttempts: A plugin for data stores that retrys failed loads.
  • ReloadingStore: A plugin that periodically reloads the data store automatically.
  • PersistentFilters: A data store plugin that creates filters that don't disappear with reloads. Uses the same model as event listeners (addFilter, removeFilter).
  • DataStoreBacking: A TreePanel plugin that loads the tree from a data store and keeps it up to date as the store's data changes.
  • DDBulkMultiSelect: A panel/form field that has two trees and works as a multi select. You drag items between them to perform the selection. In the future it will allow you to drag nodes with children and all of the child nodes will be properlly included in the selected column too.
  • TreeComboBox: Uses the DataStoreBacking to create a combo box whose's contents are an up to date tree rather than a DataView.
As I have time I will clean things up and post examples. This is my first open source code contribution and the first time my code has been exposed to the "wider world". So please give me feedback on how I can make it better code, more usefully, more generally applicable.


Dawesi said...

Nice work. :-) Will play with them some more this week (yay!)

Anonymous said...

What are the licensing restrictions to use your ExtJS code?

Unknown said...

The licence on any of my work is just Creative Commons Attribution.