Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Developing audacity

I recently started following Steve Blank. His blog posts have a much different feel than most others. It's like listening to old war stories from Silicon Valley, something I'm just too young to have experienced. Most other people talk about the hot new trends and high flyers of the dot-com era. Steve talks about old fashion things that have been working for 50 years. His stories are exciting too.

Being an entrepreneur is just so new for me that I really need the basics that most people take for granted. I think the only characteristic I started with was a desire for self-improvement. All the other character traits that people say are required for entreprenuers, I either lack or have had to work on. One trait that I don't have much of is Audacity. The audacity to ask questions, to try things that people say won't work, the audacity to forgo a 9-5 job.

Steve posted a great article about just asking. It's pretty closely related to the idea that just showing up is a large part of success. I've been dragging my feet on a actually persuing a particular contracting opportunity. I'm afraid they might say no, so I put it off wanting to do something that will improve my chances, but never actually getting to it. I can offer good value to them and have proved it in previous interactions. I need to stop dawdling and get it done.

Habits and character traits can be changed by small and consistent practice. For me right now, blogging is about getting content published. It's about developing the habit of creating it. So, I need to develop my audacity and tenacity by consistently going out on a limb and asking for the things I want (nicely of course). Obviously I'll get a lot on "no"s, but what about that killer "yes" that changes my life?

What things have you put off asking for?

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