Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting involved in a community

Recently I've been going to some of the tech community activities in Portland. It's helped be think about the importance of getting to know people and for other people to get to know you. It's a strong theme that I also learned from Benjamin Franklin's autobiography.

Dawn Foster posted yesterday evening about the importance of getting content out there. Now I've agreed with her for sometime; I agree that publishing content to the web is the most efficient way to help other people learn things enmasse. I just never felt I had anything to contribute to the conversation, which is a standard trait of introverts (That's not a bad word, food for thought :).

Dawn's post helped me realize something though. The post didn't have any amazing new information nor was it an explanation of some deep technical issue that she solved. It was just her thoughts about a topic, albeit well written in an engaging style. I've read about Dawn in my research of Portland so she has some authority in my mind that some other random blog doesn't.

I have thoughts too, I just don't write in an engaging style. That can be change however, if I practice. With time there will be people interested in what I think and in having a discussion with me. So here's to gaining momentum for my blogging activities.

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Dawn Foster said...

People tend to make blogging more difficult than it really is. Every blog post doesn't need to be a dissertation, a research report or breaking news. It just needs to have enough info to get people thinking about the topic.

Drop by beer and blog sometime and introduce yourself. It would be great to meet you.