Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Wave Code Examples

I found the Google Wave samples gallery this morning and it really helped me understand the power of google wave. This post on a new blog I'm following recently added to my thoughts about the failings of current enterprise applications. The real work happens in the conversations between people, but right now our conversations are in phone and email. Email is static data, as soon as you send the email, your data is old.

Imagine being able to communicate in realtime with your coworkers (I picture an IM chat window) where all your business data, reports, and actions are displayed in your conversation, and you can even interact with them. Now, when you are discussing the cashflow forcast, or the current sales goals, you can have live data right in front of you.

At heart I like to bring things together, to make everything easy and accessible, and to minimize the effort required. There is so much busy work that the computer can do for us. Augmented reality doesn't need fancy cameras or voice recognition, when your job has you sitting at a desk 8 hours a day. Google wave will be an amazing business tool as people start to connect their applications with it.


Bruce Cleveland said...

Check out CubeTree ( I think they are a start in terms of implementing your vision.

Unknown said...

Thanks Bruce, that's one of the better enterprise social networking tools I've seen.