Thursday, July 23, 2009

What was your leap of faith?

I'm coming up to another opportunity to make a leap of faith and work really hard to find more contracting work, or to turn back and get a normal job with normal benefits. Last time I chickened out. I have the standard family telling me I need to get a job, I have the standard lack of money in the bank, but I have one client that almost pays the bills, I just have to make it one step further and get another project to cover the rest.

It's a big leap of faith for me because I'm currently stuck in analysis paralysis and I need to just commit to following up on leads. I've never done that before. Who knows why, it's just something way outside my comfort zone. And I may not get a very good response for a few months, during which time, I won't be applying for jobs and my one client might not have enough work for me.

I've been trying to gather information from people that have already made the jump. Asking them how they got clients, how they market themselves, etc, but I've never asked about the time when they had to make the leap of faith and really step outside their comfort zone. I think everybody faces it at some point or another. If I make it to Beer and Blog tomorrow, I think that will be my new question, and hopefully it will lend me some courage.

Mind sharing your leap of faith story?


Tim Harper said...

I had a mentor by the name of Chris Allen who pushed me over the edge. I had an opportunity to get a much higher paying job for a company I knew I had the skills and abilities to turn their software product around. In a meeting with him, I shared my excitement about the opportunity. His response surprised me, and basically said "why are you selling yourself so short?"

That was enough of a push me in to self-employment. I remember telling my employer at the time my intentions. Right after that, there was no turning back. I remember going to into the bathroom after, getting in to a stall to be alone, and thought "what the heck did I just do?" I was incredibly (and in hindsight, needlessly) afraid.

I didn't tell anyone in my family that I quit my job because I perceived they wouldn't understand and would respond negatively. Furthermore, I chose to quit just a week before we had our first child. :) I'm very glad that I made the leap and it's helped me to progress personally in ways that I'm not sure I could have progressed through any other experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a point where I need to make a leap of faith. My faith in God is very strong, but it's that human doubt that gets in the way. I want to sell our home, quit my job and buy a wonderful B&B. It's in a very good area, tourist attractions, and in good condition. Appreciate the prayers.