Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cisco's Democratic management

I recently caught the story about Cisco changing it's management structure from command-and-control to collaborative. McKinsey Quarterly, FastCompany, and several blogs have articles about it. It think it's interesting that John Chambers talks about command-and-control structures in much the same language as Ricardo Semler. I wonder if Chambers read the book?

The comments on the WSJ blog article are disheartening. Everybody that commented talked about how big a failure Cisco's new management style is. They all said that the entire concept is a bunch of "mumbo-jumbo". FastCompany's article title even calls the idea "Socialist", although it appears to give a balanced analysis of it. How is it that such a modern, liberal idea can remain so inaccessible to people?

Netflix and Cisco are the only two companies that I had read about that are embracing collaborative/democratic management, but I just found a site all about organizational democracy and the companies that embrace it.

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