Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing is Easy

What happens when you spend years pushing your career in a particular direction and something tells you to go back where you came from?

I'm grateful for the things I've learned by pondering my entrepreneurial interests, but to drop my efforts for a freelance career path is hard. Having read "The Dip" helped me understand the decision that I face, but it was still up to me to take the action. I had to say no to some job opportunities and that was hard too.

I've realized that I really want to help improve cooperation inside organizations through both correct application of technology and good communication and social skills. Startups need this as much as big companies, but they tend not to have a problem with it. I want an environment where I can apply all the business management topics I'm studying and where there are enough people that I can help grease the gears of interaction.

I worked at Brigham Young University and Novell and, when I felt the organization resistance from the trenches, I thought I needed to move to smaller companies. Now I realize that what I really want to do is to reduce that resistance to employee contribution. Having been there and left is a blow to my pride, but I just need to stand up and move forward. It's unproductive to lament past choices once your lesson has been learned.


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