Friday, January 29, 2010

Autotest just keeps getting better

Right now I'm working with a ruby on rails project that has lots of test and they take quite a while to run. I'm also doing more testing than I have on previous projects, so I'm running the tests frequently.

Obviously I'm using autotest, but I just found out about the "-c" and "-f" switches. "-c" makes autotest run run the full regression tests each time the tests all pass. "-f" makes autotest not run all the tests are startup.

As I was playing around with autotest, I found easy instructions on how to setup notifications for autotest in linux. I figured I'd copy the code and see what it is like. Wow! I really like it. When I finish changes, I just keep on going and the notification lets me know when the tests are done running and what the out come was. It really helps me focus on what I am doing and helps me stay in the "groove" better.

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Unknown said...

I moved to another machine and the "-c" option stopped working. After some research I found that it is the "autotest" gem that supports the "-c" option.